Oh Yeah

Kid gloves are off and Maine men have whined too long.

After 30 years old when you open your mouth you qualify the cost to buy breeding rights and develop equity.

Men here allowed mouthy women to turn them into children and that stops in my presence so you do not WASTE my time.

Read that to mean go fuck yourselves until you learn to speak as an adult.

End On This

Nam, like most combat operations was baby sitting.

So the Phoenix Program bullshit means someone paid for their food and bullets so there are records.

Every guy that snuck off and fucked kids used some bull shit story so their Vet Memberships did not put pedophile codes on their membership numbers.

Everyone needs to be aware of that and most CIA stories are bull shit to cover up something illegal.

To Sum Up

Jerry Ireland if found guilty of using fake war stories to get a tax id to raise money needs to go to prison.

Not kidding.

I fought for this country and was medically put out as result.

So everyone will shut the fuck up when I speak in this regard.

Jerry Ireland stole from me by saying he suffered in combat and for that he can go fuck himself.

Bull Shitters

Bull shitters that volunteer at shelters talk about themselves and how they were homeless.

The adult male that has been there assess the mental state of everyone in the line to see if they are at potential risk of abuse.

I do not want to hear bull shit Mainer homeless stories anymore please.


As I slowly make Mainers admit their chicken dink is small after the Jerry Ireland incident, to include Governor LePage, I will ensure that adult males acknowledge we at DAV have the Congressional Charter.

That means we lobbied our rights.

Men here are going to be taught to respect actual veterans.

If I have to use the courts I will and that goes for Poliquin.

That stunt Togus pulls by changing appointments is well understood so spare me the missed too many bull shit.


My first platoon we had Ortiz as a DI that was in Beirut.

He is in the book The Root as the guy that tried to jump in a fox hole while being shelled and there was already too many people in it.

At Aberdeen we had an instructor that was at the bomb blast but the tank maintenance chief made them live in tents so they survived.