I had gone to the meth house they tried to sell me to and sat down and explained I was aware what was going on with the two Mesa cops screwing the addicts wives for favors.

In other words stay out of my way.



The guy the cops tried to sucker punch me with was a contractor we used at MCO where I worked.

He had been 180 Artillery in Arizona but he would take me drinking at night. Then I found out he had done time in Douglas Prison so that meant he was controlled by the parole board.

That court system is sneaky.

The Cook Out

So at Gilmanton this year 33rd John Torrisi and I discussed an advanced party to Fort Drum he made with John Capello.

He said he liked him and he skirted the rules but got things done.

Both Johns had been Regular Army in Germany with Capello as an MP. That job in Germany in the field was the inverse role of what a Cavalry scout does as it maintained boundaries inside a larger formation.

So when we converted to cavalry from tank company John would say you just have to know where you are in the picture.



So at the wake when I got to the coffin the first thing I noticed was men were placing their unit crests in it.

There was 110th Armor, 110th Cavalry, and 172nd Armor.

He was buried with them.

John was everyone’s older brother.

What Happened

I was in Arizona dealing with the pedophile assholes at Mesa District Court and had called A Troop for a unit crest.

They said they would send one and a month went by and I called again and asked why everyone was being quiet and was then informed Arthur had killed himself.

Nobody wanted to talk about it.

John’s Funeral

So John, Arthur and Jimmy went to high school together and were in C 110th Armor when I showed up.

Bruce, that was in school with them, did not join  but became the bartender at Casey’s in Holliston after an incident were he was fired from a police department for hand cuffing a kid to chair at a party in a raid.

Bruce told me John had died and we went to the wake and Crackers was the person next to the coffin at the receiving line.


Crackers was the first person assigned to show me around a tank in September 1986 at Fort Devens.

He told me that everyone gets over the claustrophobia so not to worry about if it seems cramped in the turret.

Jimmy went to Waltham high.