So is that why they ran separate prison camps?


The 110 mile march for the prisoners of Aldie and Middleburg never revealed the field army’s position.

The pow camps had nothing to do with the maneuver force.


Aldie was one of those.

You collided forces to prevent the main bodies from doing so.

So a screen would run into another screen and the job was to fight then break off and not reveal where the main body was.

More Weird

1863 they just ran screens all the time on the move so the other side could not figure out exactly where the other was.

They spent entire months running into screens not knowing where the formation was and did this on the move.

With out satellites that is true maneuver.

They are trying deception at all times.


In 1862 the Cavalry is in patrols attached to infantry formations.

It is `1863 they are brigaded together and fight as a maneuver force.

So to run into a patrol in 1862 means one thing and that is there is an infantry formation dug in up front.

In 1863 that means something different.


1862 the whole we will kick your ass thing from the bar room has turned out to be more lame than Carter saying this woman will be different than all the others.

The part that says no one thought it was going to be that is they are not scouting out roads before they march to York Town to see if the roads are usable or not.

Think about that.


I love the fact they are living near Washington and use balloons to see that the enemy is burning trash.

We forget the Balloon Corps today.

Then they run into a cavalry patrol on the advance and misread orders to stop as to make contact.

Neither side was truly prepared for the Civil War to turn into what it did.


McClellan being 34 was the lead into the 20 something boy generals the next year.

They figured out to fight that kind of war you had to promote people three grades or so higher than they should have been.

So you had captains and lieutenants promoted to generals to make quick decisions.

If they are nor field promoting people that means nothing is getting to the point the depot systems can not handle.

The last couple wars the United States has fought now never went to a draft so in effect not shit to the system to fight them.