Hillary Clinton lost and talking rude to men failed.

You will be sued if you use Zoom or Email to attack me as those are records beyond public control now that defame character.

The next asshole that tells people I was in the mafia is also going to be sued.

Men here need to learn to own their wives’ mouths and they will do that through their wallets

The my wife is my mommy days are over.

The Marine Corps Was A Pussy

The Tiger Brigade tanker said in his pile of bodies dead they stayed and watched them police it up as they acted as security.

The Corps did the drama queen thing of trying to lord it over us and now every trailer park shit head you served with thinks they can use that to negotiate position with you.

It was a chaplain in the VA that told me to come clean in public about killing so those losers did not try to coerce me at some point.

So I did.

The Marine Corps was a whiny pussy.