To Make Clear

The Penobscot County T2R9 Committee needs to work out exactly what the citizens need to know to work with a Federal Judge before the State takes control and the Federal Government can seize the facility.

So not blowing off State Legislature but this needs to be layered correctly.


Smoking cigars with retired E7 Army Reserve Drill/Trainer.

He did 200 combat missions in Iraq.

He says war was all bull shit and should not have lasted more than one year.

Then he declares it was all about money.

End On This

We grew up near the Meridian Lodge in Natick by the intersections of Routes 27 and 135.

It is a standard Scottish Rite pedophile watch code as is 653 the Natick Phone Exchange as Horatio Alger is buried near there.

It would be no different than growing up by the Lincoln Memorial or some other famous place.

Somebody has to be from there.

I just happened to be in 110th Cavalry that D.H.L. Gleason’s unit came from and he was Worshipful Master of the Meridian Lodge after the Civil War.

Gleason was an investigator on the Lincoln Assassination.


Someone used the Kabballah on us in the 87 DS year book.

Not as hard as it sounds as it assigns numerical value to interaction but it requires a schedule and high school class has that.

Last night?

Old man said his Navy Guard detachment in World War II had 27 men and the fired 1 inch, 3 inch and 5 inch guns.

Not bad.


You go to the King James Version of the Bible and there is no word Potato so you go to the next SINGLE entry.

That leads to 1 Timothy 6:15 but you go to where Rich is in the photo , third in, and that leads to the Class Will of 1 Timothy 6:17.

The Group is officially The American Society for the Preservation of the Potato that is ASPP.

ASP is an Aethyr that uses the 26th Governor in addition to two others.