Say It Out Loud

What I did getting all those ass holes fired in Arizona a few years back due to a stunt they pulled to slow me down on a child bride adoption scheme makes me more of an American Hero than 99 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan vets.

Do not like what I just said then bring that up to my face and watch what happens.

I am sick every jack ass that went there to be baby sat talking as if they know how life works.

I was a ground combatant and at one of those battles that happen where a lot of people, this case enemy, are left dead at.

So put your own tool in your mouth and you will address me today as Mr.Swift know it alls.

Then the Boston Cop controlled Court Street where pedophiles explained to me why what they did is not wrong in their opinion and they are just misunderstood.

Reason two you will call me Mr. Swift today big mouths.

That Crowd

The two on the left were drafted at 18 and sent to YD from Illinois on the lft and Oklahomo on the right.

The guy on the right was in ASTP in Iowa but from Somerville. Massachusetts so sent to YD.

All three were enlisted 11Bs like Gaelen was.

328 infantry, 104 Infantry and 328 Infantry.

The man in the middle was in the regiment that one battalion was destroyed and that almost never happened even in WW II but the Lorraine Campaign was 660 YDers killed in 8 days and even the Army says that was extreme.


As Past National Commander of the YDVA I have the right to address the NEC for life and that is the entity the General Court of Massachusetts and the Army recognize to deal with the streamers and the legal rights attached.

The Legislature does not have have the time to deal with issue related to remains and artifacts of battles so they assign a group to do that.

Carlisle Barracks then says they are to be recognized as they have rights in Courts.

I was executor of the estate for my year.

What Is Missing?

The woman martyred in 305 that allows the formula to become 609 in any direction based on death.

The book teaches you to see how Christ is layered in society.

This one happens to be the YD one for Belleau France.

Today is Gaelen Cole’s funeral and he spoke at my DAV chapter for me and I gave him a YD hat as he was in the Battle of the Bulge.

So the Shriners Hall it is at 11 AM today.

Jesus Always

Decided to break out the Jesus Always this morning and once you learn how to read it you go to the cited passages and today in Isaiah 54:10 and Isaiah 51:6 and that is 3:04 the martyr date of one women of the three visions of Joan of Arc.

Now then next cited is Ephesians 2:14 or 1:7 and we know Archangel Michael is that in the 110 visions of Joan of Arc.

So they do use the Saint System in Sarah Young books at times.