Hold on Big C, tell them the whole secret Masonic thing Tremont Street put together to show everyone they are in fact the true bad asses!

So this the Regimental Memorial at Gettysburg.

This is the Regimental Memorial at Aldie.

They form Rough and Perfect Ashlar of Masonry but in reverse order so it is 110 and 180.


Last Winter stopped in at the Episcopal Church in Aldie, Virginia and a woman that had been Vestry gave me the tour.

Today is the 156th Anniversary of the Battle of Aldie (echoes)!

The 1st Massachusetts Cavalry took its biggest loss of the war this day and was the most bloodied Union Cavalry Regiment of the entire Gettysburg Campaign.

So in effect 110th Cavalry has high school shit talking rights.

Paradigm Shift

Last fall the Episcopal Church Foundation spoke to us and declared there are no $100,000 private donors left but $30,000 is higher than ever.

This is the Student Loan paradigm as how things are financed has changed as mid level management employment that filled that gap no longer exists.

So we at Saint John’s prepare to take the crew into post baby boomer financing.

The Episcopal Church does not like change o this will be a shock to some degree.