So did we have a long winded discussion about 110th Cavalry?


In fact in real life I may discuss it twice a year if that.

It is just somebody figured out we were supposed to be 101 Cavalry but since it uses the binary code the Bible does it would be more cool to have.

You can communicate more effective with math, like Christ as 42 of 360 and 3.14, than you can in written or verbal language.

If the military did not teach that to you it was because they did not trust you would out pedophiles.

Not kidding.


Registered and had breakfast and chatted with last years Commander of Kansas City, Kansas.

A Vietnam Vet he discussed with me they opened thrift stores two years ago and made enough to purchase their own building for the Chapter to meet.

They have 3000 members.

We at Chapter 6 only have 1300.