The Problem

In 1969 the only American tank battle occurred with A Company 69th Armor.

There had been previous tank battles with American advisors and South Vietnam Cavalry but never a direct attack.

In 1972 an armor division invaded Vietnam.

That was Russia not China.


Did we lose Vietnam?

To China no.

After they switched to Russia maybe.

The 101st Airborne was ordered to do a series of human waving up moutains Korea style actions to prove we were not afraid of Russia.

1969 was a nasty year as the deadliest year of the war but it was not truly the same fight at that point.

My Mother

My mother was Irish.

She used to say you can bad mouth Ted Kennedy all you want but you must preface it with John and Bobby were truly great men but Ted was not cut from the same cloth.

She told me that was so a pack of marones did not beat your ass at the bar.

The Trouble With Tribbles

Made in 1967 the Star Trek episode number 42 uses Stardate 4225.6.

Look at the hatches in the background when McCoy figures out the guy is a Klingon spy.

They use the 5th Mechanized Infantry Division patch.

Back then Congress had to vote on moving formations s they do now minus Special Forces on blind 30 day blocks of funding.

5th ID was ordered to Vietnam not to long after the show to clean out the DMZ and in effect end the Chinese support of North Vietnam.

LBJ did what George Bush did in 2008 by trying to end the war as he got out of office.

What they did not count on was Russia taking over after the 1969 Russian Chinese Border War.