Great Example

The state gave me Adolf Rohr’s army service number as my plate as he died in 26th Recon Troop.

When they retired that series of plate they mailed ten to Woodville knowing I was the last to get one based on when registered.

I know have a 6th Massachusetts Infantry grave in Togus and that is the unit that 26th Recon Troop came from.

That is speaking in math.

So you go history of 1st Maine Cavalry and on the bottom of page 555, 0r one half 1110, is the name William Harris who was killed.

That is the name of the guy they sent from 110th Armor to Mob Cycle in 1987 with me.

It is just a realization math can be used to express concepts quicker.

End On This

You can have entire conversations in math and Churches and the National Guards do that quite a bit.

It is a way to exponentially exchange data as it deals with the confines of our language as building blocks for words unlike Chinese symbols that convey concepts.

So speaking in math is like speaking in Chinese.


We drank with two retired bond brokers, the news reporter and the cast of of anti Kennedy types.

Around that time me and Jack Harper from Channel 5 got into at a stop sign as he cut me off and then stopped the car so I got out and told him to knock it off.

He responded some smart answer and for years after people would say is it time for the Jack Harper Story and roll their eyes and you could say that was the basis for the start of Yankee Tirade.