They lived in an apartment in Boston for a couple of years while he worked at the Navy Yard.

He said there are too many drunks on the streets of Boston so they moved back to Milford.

When I was a kid guys in suits staggered around the streets and would get robbed and or beat up.

His Deal

Born in 1911 he boxed professionally as Panco in the late 1920s.

He chain smoked cigars and wore the Frank Sinatra hat.

He would talk about the 1930s all the time.

Him and his wife watched Lawrence Welk and no one could speak while it was on.

They loved the dancing couple with the Mickey Mouse Club guy.


This photo of me was taken on Columbus Day.

I look exactly like my dead step grand father Rico in this photo.

He spoke Italian in the house with Mary his wife of 59 years.

He used to use secret G all the time and Death’s Bridge in Sherborn having 110 Grange Park and Medfield Legion 110 on both sides of the Charles River he figured out.

So there was G on either side of Death Bridge.