Hold On

So it was like a drunken version of Council of Foreign Relations?


It was sort of the other Middlesex Club and add in the group on Farm Night at Hunnewell Farm in Wellesley we were supposed to active but sometimes were and sometimes not.

All of my stripes for buddies/sons of liberty circle hung out there as well. What made it Sons of Liberty was when you built the cell to take over a portion of the Guard you all had to be the same political party.

All of use were GOP but registered as Independents to not end up on Dukakis watch lists.

The Carter Group?

The Carter Plantation consisted of a motley group of irate/semi-dysfunctional/beer fueled/societal
outcasts.On the other hand”The Carter Group” was a New England Algonquin Roundtable(OK,
rectangular table),the core group made up of Rich,Jeff,Chris and James with guest appearances.This
group engaged in the scintillating/intelligent and thoughtful debate/conversation in regards to subjects
that included politics/music/literature the essence of which debating societies and main stream media
on Sunday talk shows can only dream of achieving.The group though no longer meeting due to the
death of two founding members and geographical distance will no doubt long be remembered in history.
Like the Nixon/Khrushchev kitchen debate or the decisive decisions of King Authors Roundtable “The
Carter Group” will be remembered for all history.

From Me: Was the Carter Group anything other than a bunch of drunken yahoos?

James’ dad went to Harvard and worked on the endowment with of future Secretary of the Treasury.

Jeff worked and went to Harvard for 8 years. He worked at Weidner Library and that is Owl Society. Harvard does not have frat houses so they formed private societies like Skull and Bones that the group monitors for life to clean up some of their messes.

Ted Kennedy was Owl Society.

I was 110th Cavalry and New England Water Works Association so I had the keys to the Star Trek code. 110th Cavalry was also at times used by Harvard as a private club.

Rich worked for Dover Water and that means he knew everybody.



God , Trump and the 2020 Election

Page 64 2nd paragraph.

Bernard Law was then Bishop of Springfield, MO and is invited to a Reagan chum’s , Pat Boone, dinner in California to discuss the disaster of Cambodia.

Bernard Law saved my mother and they knew each other.

He was involved in the 1960s Civil Rights Movement and supported the blacks.

He was too liberal for Boston and they knew he was supporting the Republicans so they went after him as soon as the Big Dig money was secure.

I do not advocate covering up by moving to another assignment with pedophiles but the more you study Bernard Law the more you see they screwed him for other reasons.

He was raised in Mexico by a US Army WW I vet and a protestant mom.

Job 23

Job responds in Sun Dog 3.

He uses what later became the LBRP from the Golden Dawn and now Santa Muerte in the Center Sun section.

They are expressing they get what the visitation will be.

The weirdo that has killed his kids has not entered the debate and the other three are speaking in symbolism as to hey it was not me.

Job 22

Eliphaz responds in Sun Dog 3 with 22:10 and 22:11 expressing Psalms 110 and 142.

This is prophecy of the coming of Christ.

The numbering added centuries later of course but instead of the Dollar Store KJV with notes the center of the three is the Star and we know the Sun is that.

Job 19

Job responds but in 6.

This is the secret Yankee Tirade one I back date with using 19:17.

His family and employees think he sucks now that he is broke.

But they live in tents and the enemy builds ramps?

So this gets into the paradigm that power is solely being responsible for the defense and welfare and the moment you can not do that you are just another schmoe.

Job 18

Job 18 alludes to Psalm 142 and today we would say Job was on the Road to Serfdom but it shows also the greater binary with Job 17 and 18 forming a 110 in several ways to include Job speaks for one and Bildad for two.

This covers the needs for city functions and the isolation that will occur if not but as we know the sales pitch forgets men are sold into being bums in cities also but we can view it where as in nomad they must go cave bound.

This two chapter section is a corner stone for another build up.