To Clarify

I dealt with the intelligence community. It was like working for the Post Office so…shut up.

I have dealt with Special Forces. Neat what they do but no different than being in the high school swim team so…shut up.

I was in combat but never wounded. It was a job and if you are in the same spot as me…shut up.

We lobby for benefits and this cop behind the scene turn us into bikers will not help that position…at all.


In Arizona I dealt with county lock ups stooges watching me.

Local idiots trying to sell me murder for hire cop schemes.

Probation officers trying to get me into situations that would result in jail.

I saw that all the kiosks and repair shops in Downtown Boston are ex cons and therefore controlled by parole so the Government workers have a slave system.

I want no part of that bull shit please.


The only reason I was not three id carded in the Marines was I did not have a college degree.

I had a CIA and NSA sponsor when I was in as well as a DIA supported network at Natick Labs.

I met the Guard payout definition of Ghost as they never revoked my pink ID card so I could have traveled abroad with out the Marine Corps knowing but never did.

Oh Yeah

So we had two Navy Seals in our unit and numerous Rangers and Green Berets.

All we needed was jump school to be a B Team.

None of them impressed me that much and they are just people.

So I used to laugh when I joined the Marines and everyone talked about Seals and Special Forces as if they were super heroes.

The Intelligence Community is no different.

CIA used to recruit heavily in Boston and my step mother dated the Harvard Recruiter for a while in the 1970s.

None of it was shit and when I hear people make it sound big I get a chuckle.