The Guard

The Guard is a that tangled weed thing on a family coat of arms.

One time in an absolute dive in Tampa I was talking the guy next to me and he informs me he was a Concord Cop with Bill Nutter from Company C 110th Armor.

A month goes by and a guy pulls out a challenge coin and tells me he was in the 182. He was not but the fact he told me that is weird as that was the unit in Concord Armory before 110th Armor.

All this has to do with Europe.

In The Unit

In Company C I became part of the Capello crew.

John Capello had joined the Regular Army and got out and joined the Guard with his high school buddy Arthur Derosier who had been in the Marines.

John’s little brother Jimmy “Crackers” Capello was in the crew as well.

They all were Waltham High in the 1970s.


Your Sons of Liberty Team was not in your unit. This made sense as the STARC, or state command people, could then move people around with out anyone noticing.

Just remember when someone gets elected to a high office the Guard has planted people in the crowd.

Me and Bud did George H.W. Bush’s Inauguration in 1989.


You would build a Sons of Liberty Team or a three man cell based on the Stripes for Buddies program.

You picked people of your political party as the way it was set up then was you needed to find a team loyal to you so if you got a commission you did not get car bombed.

So your supply clerk was your spy.

He prevented the $10,000 bill for missing equipment that ended your career if not paid.

I got car bombed before that but built my team.

The Guard

I was assigned to Company C 1-110th Armor out of the Concord Armory.

We had to march in the Patriots Day Parade but wore the Army field uniform not colonial garb.

We drank beer and some guys smoked pot after live fire training was done.

It was another time.