Did the Undercroft (Basement in Maine) inspection with Vanessa and Miranda yesterday.

Shy of pinning on a badge it was the recognition  am now Acting Junior Warden!

There is no show called Acting Junior Warden so most people have no idea what we do.

Read The Tree by Lovecraft last night.

This one I have to digest more.

The two artists competing for their sculpture aspect seems to hold another meaning but not sure.

The Tree grows faster than normal…so is it the one that dies or something else.

Hold On

Wait one Big C, was it more important you had the dead from France cousin buried in Waterbury or the living cousin that was a Sherborn Cop that trained the State Police Dogs and his uncle ran the Army Reserve Intelligence Unit as a full bird?

Apples and oranges.

One paid off in dividends later when I took Grand Pooh Bah status as then it is the Catholic Church that starts to assert power.

People not from Boston think this is exaggeration…

So Air Guard Mike was the son of the Natick Air Guard Recruiter in Natick but lived in Bridgewater.

He was Order of the Arrow in Boy Scouts and that is some sort of trustee of the Boy Scout Camps thing.

He was in the Blizzard of 78 assigned to the weather office on Edwards on the Cape pinning maps with locations of Guard units.

So he is only 3/4s as important had he done that job and been a Clerk of the Courts…but City Court not Superior.