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November 29, 2009

Massachusetts Republican

I have changed the format of the site,  not the blog, to more reflect the make up of the Massachusetts Republican style. Many in the country do not consider New England, let alone Massachusetts , as having Republicans. We do, they are very different.

The only similar group I have ever run into, not in ideology, but in its bizzare stance is the Dixicrats of Atlanta. This group does not act like Democrats of the North East or California at all, yet strongly identifies with that group. New England has the same situation with its Republican Party.

Scott Brown is a great example of this and openly admits he would be considered a liberal in some parts of this country.

This is why this election is so unique. It really defies any sort of logic in how this is being run, not in a bad way, just the national media does not for the most part understand the dynamic. That dynamic is the Grateful Dead Republican.

I am not saying Scott Brown is that, but some of his campaign people are of that ilk, that is a good thing. While growing up I dealt with this crowd, and to my suprise when I was out west in the service this was considered odd. That was news to me.


November 27, 2009

Adam Kennedy

I just found this the other day so I thought I would share it. Scott Brown is a member of the Lions Club in Wrentham. I myself have been a member of the Lions Club as well down in Norcross, Georgia. I had a lot of fun in this organization and it is for helping people with eye problems. They were involved with this project.

Sgt Adam Kennedy was killed in Iraq and he was from Norfolk, Massachusetts. The family set up a scholarship in his honor.

November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, as I have said before this really is the holiday of Yankee Tirade, Thanksgiving that is, so I will enjoy it.

When Abraham Lincon made it an annual holiday in 1863 this nation was in throws of a really bad civil war. The people back home and the troops needed some release and this was a great way to do it. I myself spent one overeas many years ago, and I remember the British Army being there with us.

I always used to get a kick out of the people who moved into New Engalnd telling me what Thanksgiving was about, and I would go have it with people who were only towns away from where they settled in 1620, my family. It is a great tradition and I hope people will consider the less fortunate. I have already donated to the Salvation Army this year, most of the people there have no family left, and that is why many are where they are.


The Cost to run for office.

Now I have been mouthing off here for awhile about getting people to run for the Massachusetts General Court, the state legislature as it is referred to in the Commonwealth.

David Linsky, the representative for Natick,Sherborn and Millis won that last election for $19,629. Now granted he has spent $46,000 in one year, but lets face it, most of this is not his.  The man has won five elections for under $200,000.

Think about that.

The Republican Party needs to get in gear.

Lida Harkins, who represents Dover, Neeedham and Medfield has spent almost twice as much as that since she came into office.

Time for a change.

When the five Republican Senators in the Massachusetts Legislature were assisted by two Democrats in passing a nonbinding resolution to prevent a convicted terrorist from speaking at UMASS, it sent a message. The people are sick of this kind of behavior.

Ray Luc Lavasseur was part of group that robbed banks and blew up buildings. Twenty Two were wounded one time and another a New Jersey State Trooper was killed. Freedom of speech is one thing but this is another. This has been the adittude that flourished for so long in the Bay State. This is where change must occur.

I understand they can not be told not to do that, but when does it become obvious that it is just for shock value? Is that fair to the victims and their families? This is old news from earlier this month but it needs to be repeated.


Holocaust Denier

Two of the Democratic candidates for the Massachusetts United States Senate seat said the would be willing to meet with the President of Iran directly. Scott Brown has called on them to renounce these statements. All kidding aside, this is a very dangerous trend. We are not just going to convince people like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to relax their positions. This is where having been in the military helps.

When President Bill Clinton acted this way towards North Korea it allowed them to develop a nuclear bomb. Although the test was not nearly as successful as been hoped, that weapon used against forces near the 38th Parralel would be quite deadly. We are on the same path with Iran.

I do not want a full out military invasion, and neither does the military for the most part. Something must be done, but why United States Senate hopefulls think meeting with that guy would help is beyond anything I can imagine.

November 24, 2009

The Debate

Scott Brown and Jack E. Robinson debated last night. This was a good thing it finally happened, the Kennedy Library was just not the right venue for it, so The Boston Chamber of Commerce made much more sense.

Some of the stuff Jack Robinson says is really not that out there, but in reference to what I wrote about earlier the news always sees fit to mention his restraining order and run ins with the law. This guy is essentially harmless and it ties into how I feel the party needs change. Scott will get the nomination, thats great because that is who I support. Robinson and Sholley and the like are not getting the attention they deserve as a result of a couple of different reasons.

The younger people that are staying are not being offered the choice of two parties, this is a disaster. It goes into this weird sense that we have, that somehow the Republican Party only belongs to the elite, this is something that must change.

The Republican Party in Massachusetts is treated like Golf or Equestrianism is. When one is in other parts of the country they realize golf and horse ownership are considered very middle class activities to do and they are made readily available to the public. This is not the case in the Commonwealth with those leisure activities and the GOP.

There are not enough Republicans as a result of this, and this really should be priorty number one of the State GOP.




December 8th 2009

Come December 8th 2009 the kid gloves come off on the United States Senate Race in Massachusetts.

Scott Brown admitted this when he spoke with Mitt Romney in Needham recently, and knowing he has been a politician and a soldier I am sure he is getting ready for this. He said he knew they were going to attack him personally and try and defame his character. This is not because he has anything to hide, this is how Massachusetts politics works.

There was a reason why I said what I said last post. The level of politics in Massachusetts is probably only rivaled by Chicago and New York, and I have heard New Yorkers tell me they think Massachusetts races are dirtier. Any one who has been a soldier or Marine knows, we are not chums when the hard times hit, we are comrades and that means sometimes politeness must go out the window.

Many ask me if I am hooking my trailer to this, no I am not I am a resident of Maine, not Massachusetts. Doesn't do me much good there, but there are a lot of ex Massachusetts people up there.

Scott is ready, and as Barrack Obama proved you can win an election with massive amounts of small donations throught the internet today. My readers are consistant, but new groups will have to be reached after December 8th.  I look forward to this fight.

November 23, 2009

The Explanation

I linked to a new format today and know that I will have a different audience filtering in so I am going to give the low down on what Yankee Tirade is. There is essentially 4 main groups that read this that I know of, and around a 100 people or more that I am not so sure of. One thing I figured out when I started this in 2006 was that because of technology outlets, audiences were becoming more specific smaller groups.

Group one is people that grew up around the Natick Framingham area known as the Metrowest Area of Boston. So some of the references I make are kind of specific to that crowd and the way it interacts. I am pretty nasty to this crowd at times, but they can be pretty nasty themselves at times.

I hope one day they realize that people bad mouth them when the leave the room just like they do. This was a disturbing thing I found on active duty in the military is that Boston people have a reputation for bad mouthing others . I decided to research this at the Boston Public Library and found that there were studies done on this in the late 1800s. So it is not a new thing, and is believed to have started with immigrants hanging out at pubs. (No I am not kidding about that.)

Group two really is people that went to Dover Sherborn Regional High School primarily in the mid 1980s and the crowd associated with them. I hung out with a Grateful Dead cover band so that should give you an idea of that scene.

Group three is really aimed at people that were in the Massachusetts and Vermont National Guard with me. This one is really pretty specific, but it is usually more history oriented. This crowd tends to still be in the New England area. I often advocate this crowd get into politics for a variety of reasons. I found a lot of unrecognized talent in this group.

Group four is people that were in the United States Marine Corps with me during the first Persian Gulf War Period of the late 80s and early 90s. This crowd can be good and bad. Veterans are huge priorty with me, but sometimes dealing with them can be difficult. Everyone is convinced they are the only one that really saw hardship or action and this gets annoying really quick.

Too many of them always try to pin me down on what I like better the Army or the Marine Corps, my response is always how much do they give to veterans charities and are they a member of the Marine Corps League to support Toys For Tots. You would be suprised at the answers I get.

So as you can tell I am Republican, and not afraid to speak my mind.


Charlie Baker anounced who his running mate will be for the 2010 Governor's Race, State Senator Richard Tisei. It was announced at Scott Brown's old home town of Wakefield at the Americal Civic Center.

Two points I want to cover, It is called the Americal Center in honor of the Massachusetts National Guardsmen that fought in that division during the Second World War. The 182nd Regiment was detached from Yankee Division and went to the Pacific. Also when the divison was reformed for Vietnam one of its brigades came from Fort Devens.

Second is that people are going to have to step up and run for seats in the legislature now. If we get a Republican team in the State House we still need Republican representation. 



Scott Brown mentioned a fact that needs to be repeated here. Children today are born $38,000 in debt because of the amount of money we owe in this country. He did a great interview here.

If were going to get things in this country back in order we have to try and repair the fiscal damage that has occurred. Scott Brown is aware of this.

Earl HenrySholley

A few years back a friend of mine in Natick told me about Earl Henry Sholley, a man that runs against Barney Frank. I have to say I like the fact he does this, and hope at some point he succeeds, because that would be a major part of change in that area.

For a brief bit it looked like Sholley, Beaty and Ogonowski were the GOP in the Commonwealth but that has opened up a bit. The election against Barney Frank is a year away so I will not focus on it at this point, but I always try to give Sholley a mention, he has earned it.

Here he is on the issues.

November 22, 2009

Larry's Place-Framingham

The South Middlesex Opportunity Council has opened a 19 bed facilty in Downtown Framingham for homeless veterans called Larry's Place. The Council, known as SMOC, is now suing the Town of Framingham over the obstruction involved in allowing this project to be completed. The Town of Framingham has set aside $750,000 for its legal defense against SMOC.

There is one clear cut solution to this problem, and it will save the tax payers and the veterans time, energy and money. Take the money for the lawsuit put it in an endowment for the care of the shelter and spin Larry's Place off as a seperate non profit entitiy that will have a board of oversight, to include the Veteran's Agent of Framingham.

SMOC becomes a non issue, and any funding for veteran's will not be wasted in court fees. 


November 21, 2009

The Guard

Sometime back I solicited the idea of using members of the Massachusetts National Guard as a source for potential State Legislators. There were a few reasons I felt this would work.

There are just not enough lawyers in Massachusetts willing to be Republican legislators, otherwise they would be filling those positions now.

These current and former Guardsmen have already passed background examinations and already have a sense of commitment to society. All one has to do is go to the barracks on a Saturday night and after few cocktails find out how many turn into constitutional attorneys advocating states rights issues. By the way this is one of the main  differences between the Guard and Reserves, I never heard those conversations while I was in the Reserves.

They would require a little mentoring, perhaps in the form of an apprenticeship program, but the crowd is clearly up to the challenge. So the next question I always get is do I want to see the Guard run the state, no. Remember I was in the military for 11 years, that's the last thing on the face of this earth I would ever want to see.

I think that the GOP in the Commonwealth is overlooking an excellant source of talent.

November 20, 2009

The Death Penalty

The Massachusetts Senate yesterday decided not to discuss the Death Penalty. This is no suprise, and it is very unlikley it will ever pass in current times in the Bay State. Why this has been the case for so long I am not sure, but it is what it is.

The media across the board is writing Scott Brown off, but the Party needs to keep trying and there must be some sort of showing in order to bring about change to that antiquated system there.

In a lighter note Scott Brown advocated that pepper spray be removed from the items that require a firearms permit, as this is to much bureaucracy.

You will notice I added Charlie Baker as well to the site, this will be my last addition. He has a great background and would be a needed breath of fresh air to tackle the issues effecting the bay state. When this site was more history and anecdote related I used to comment on the fact the Jeff had gone to Harvard and I had been in the Massachusetts National Guard, the two oldest institutions in the colony. Maybe that ticket is what it would take to turn the state around.


November 19, 2009

Fake Documents?

Recently it came to my attention that someone is spreading the rumor that the documents on my taskforce ripper page are false. They are not, but I do not mind the challenge because it forces me to think about them again.

Those documents come from a website the United States Government operates called Gulflink.
These are documents released under the Freedom Of Information Act, that means based of the date of release, in this case December 10th 1996, you can go to any major public library, Boston, New York etc and look at these documents based on the date of release.

Again it is always good to have the public keeping an eye on things, that is why I put most of this out there.

I hope this clears up any misconceptions.

Ann Berman- Dover Sherborn

Ann Berman is retiring from Dover Sherborn, it must be 30 years? Not sure but she is having a get together in Medfield at the Noon Hill Grill at noontime on the 27th of November, the day after Thanksgiving.

She was my teacher in 7th Grade and I thought she was a great teacher. Hopefully she leaves John Moore at home;)



Cap and Trade

One of the reasons that I have added Jay Fleitman to Yankee Tirade is that he is in agreement with Scott Brown on two issues, health care reform and cap and trade.

Cap and trade is not a good idea, and although it is being sold to America as a plan to improve the environment, it will ultimatley end up being another tax to stifle the American family. Scott Brown issued his opinion on this and other issues here.

November 18, 2009

Are you unemployed?

Massachusetts has done it again. Deval Patrick released a state sponsored report detailng why illegal immigrants should have drivers licenses, college finacial aid and should be considered residents for instate tuition at state colleges.

Keep voting democrat Massachusetts, by the way when do most peoples unemployment insurance run out? You have a massive budget defict and the Governor wants to give more money away to illlegals, not those here correctly.


November 17, 2009

Register to vote.

Tomorrow is the last day to register to vote in the primary. Call your town hall if you do not know what to do.

Scott Brown-Massachusetts Republican

Scott had a great interview with NECN right here.

You will notice I added another candidate to Yankee Tirade. Jay Fleitman out of Northampton is running for the 2nd Massachusetts U.S. Congress seat. He is mainly focused on health care and the environment.

November 15, 2009

Scott Brown and Cape Cod

Today the Hyannis office for Scott Brown for United States Senate opened. This is great news and one of the main supporters of this is Sheriff James Cummings.

Cummings is the elected Sheriff of Barnstable County. He is United States Navy Veteran and a former Massachusetts State Trooper. The Sheriff runs a program for youth 12-16 down there during the summer that runs a boot camp style enviornment to help kids develop social skills.

I have have advocated in the past the Massachusetts get the National Guard Youth Program for youths 16-18. Hopefully this is something that can be examined when Scott is elected.

The Hero Bill

When Paul Langone shot and killed Jay Carciero who was in the act of stabbing his Doctor last month,it brought to light the fact that the law needs to be tightend up a bit in Massachusetts.

Scott Brown has introduced the Hero Bill to prevent lawsuits against those who use force in the process of stopping a crime.

November 13, 2009

Natick Fundraiser

Tony Lista will be having a fundraiser for Scott Brown tomorrow in Natick.

The event is at:

Agostino's Restaurant
23 Washington Street
Natick, Ma 01760
(508) 655-6643

from 4-6pm on Saturday the 14th of November.


Brown vs Coakley?

Suffolk University released the results of its Senate Race Poll and the it was Martha Coakley by a large lead and Scott Brown with a large lead for the Republicans. Both had to disclose income the other day and strangley Coakley listed around a $1000. in assets, Brown listed he was worth between $1-$2.7 Million. Browns assets are typical for someone of his age in the legal proffesion but not to sure what the $1000. thing is about on Coakley's part.

This looks like this will be the race, but you never know.

November 12, 2009

Jack E. Robinson

When Jack E. Robinson decided to throw his hat into the United States Senate seat left vacant by the death of Edward Moore Kennedy it set some things into motion that changed the dynamic of the election. There now must be a primary, so it means that the Republican candidate has not yet been picked. The primary to determine the choice is on December 8th of this year.

Does that mean that the Scott Brown Campaign does not need volunteers? No it does not, so if anyone is interested contact Laura Goodspeed at the Needham office.

I myself had some personal stuff I have to take care of and I am in Arizona for a little bit. No I have not given up on the campaign or been asked to leave. But thanks for all the concern from people.

Scott is ready to win this thing, so lets get out there and make it possible.

November 11, 2009

Dover Legion Post 209

This is my last Veterans Day post.

I am a member of Dover's American Legion Post 209 named after Dover resident George B. Preston who was killed in the Great War and is buried in Downtown Dover.

I am advocating that if yoy went to Dover Sherborn High School and are a veteran you consider getting a membership there. Most posts have about 60 plus members but only 6-10 are really active, so if you no longer live in the area dont sweat, most members do not anymore either.

I would hate to see the membership dwindle to the point that it can not maintain its charter.

Veterans Day

I will get back to politics soon, but most of my audience tends to be veterans so the last couple days have been about that.

I went to the Museum at Fort Riley the other day, the United States Cavalry Museum, and it was fun. I had submitted my Great Grand Father's Mother's Uncle's Civil War records to the library there.

So the next stop was to the battlefield he had fought at in New Mexico, the Battle of Glorieta Pass. As a kid when the movie The Good, The Bad and The Ugly was on I used think it was ridiculous that they portrayed a Civil War Battle in New Mexico, then I found out it really happend and then I found out an ancestor of mine, Samuel Newhall Crane, who is buried in the family plot actually fought in it.

The battle site is right off the highway and is privatley owned but the owner has it setup so you can walk around it. I climbed both hills of the site and marveled at how they got up one side because the rocks made it hard to get up. It was a great feeling to actually stand where Sam Crane had fought during the Civil War.

Today is Veterans Day, it is for all who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States. 


November 10, 2009

John Lejeune

When John Lejeune became the commander of the 2nd United States Infantry Division during World War One he was determined to have the Marine Corps show what it was worth. After the Armistice was signed he decided to become a Freemason while in France. This is what most of Pershing's inner circle were, so it was a compliment he became one.

The Army at that time was still using that as a fraternal system, more so than today. Most of the Continetal Line and the Militia officers were affiliated. When he became Commandant he decided that he wanted November 10th to be recognized as the birth date of the Marine Corps to reflect its Continental service. The Marine Corps actually disbanded after the Revolution.  

This was a great move on his part and to this day we still celebrate this as the birth of the Corps.


10 November 1775

Today is the Marine Corps Birthday. The traditon was started by then Comandant John Lejeune to reflect the day the Continental Congress authorized two battalions of Marines to serve on board U.S. Flagged ships.

So is there a New England connection? Yes, most of the intial recruits that Samuel Nichols got in Philadelphia at Tunn Tavern were men who came down from Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachsuetts. Many had sea experience and many had already been in the miltia, so they were somewhat trained. Nichols was the nephew of the Mayor of Philidelphia so training to him would have been something he was used to.

Today I will remember the Marine Corps Tankers that have passed in Iraq, and two of them were from the Boston area.


November 09, 2009

The Marine Corps Birthday

Tomorrow is the Marine Corps Birthday.

Thanks to the following people for getting Brooks Gruber's name on the Town of Sherborn Veterans Memorial:

Patty Gulliver

Betsy Johnson

Judy Davis

Chuckie Blaney

Mike Kickham

Bob Ambos

Carole Marple


Out of New England

I am out of New England for a bit, but will be back to help the Scott Brown Campaign any way I can again soon.

I am at Fort Riley to visit the United States Cavalry Museum tommorow and I am excited. Ronald Reagan was Honorary Chairman while he was President of the United States.

One brief mention is that Nick Popaditch has thrown his hat in for the United States 51st Congressional Seat of California, San Diego and that area. He is a wounded Marine Corps Tanker who served in Desert Storm and Iraq twice. Not sure what party he is, but it will be interesting to see what he can do.

Semper Fi Nick.

November 07, 2009

Kent State

This morning when I got up I stopped at Kent State in Ohio to see the memorial. This was a very sad incident, and unfortunatley tainted the way most of the baby boom generation viewed the National Guard.

A lot has changed since that time.


I just checked into a hotel in Pennsylvania. The clerk told me that he had just moved from Massachusetts recently because his company he worked for as an engineer closed down back in December. Kudos to him for not being gun shy about talking about it.

Last night I sat at a couples house who have been unemployed for about the same time.

Massachusetts needs to change, manifest destiny is over, you can not keep dumping people elsewhere because you will not change. Yes, we are in a mobile society today, but to often I saw that as an excuse not to change. All to often when I run into people who left and I ask them why, a laugh is the first response I get.

Jobs need to be brought into that state. This is why we need a true legislator in that position.

November 05, 2009

The Dover Fund Raiser

I went to the Dover Fund Raiser last night, had a good time and Fred Muzi was an excellant host.

The real treat for me was to run into the uncle of a someone whom I talked into joining the National Guard in 1987. It brought back a memory of the time me and him went to Washington D.C. for George H.W. Bush's inauguaration parade. When the Navy Honor Guard marched by us on its way to the parade my buddy said "Squids" under his breath. The Petty Officer marching the formation broke the bubble and said to us "Better than being bullet catchers".

We busted out laughing, and I have never forgotten that.

Scott's message was great last night. He pointed out that this is an important election nationally as he would become the 41st Senate vote. Very important to remember. 


November 04, 2009

Dover and Sherborn

Tonight are the fund raisers in Dover and Sherborn.

The elections of last night in New Jersey and Virginia were interesting to say the least. The country is one thing but Massachusetts is another. I have been writing this as an introduction to the process, because I am learning along the way myself.


November 03, 2009


If you want to make contributions to the campaign of Scott Brown remember the following: 

Contributions to the Scott Brown for U.S. Senate Committee (this is who checks are made out to) are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. By law, the maximum amount an individual may contribute is $2,400 per election. Contributions from corporations, labor unions, foriegn nationals and federal contractors are prohibited.

November 02, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

I had a great weekend. Volunteered for the Fund Raiser in Needham at the hotel on 128. Mitt Romney spoke and I got a chance to catch up with Mario from the National Lancers. Bye the way there will be fund raisers in Dover and Sherborn this week.

Saturday I went to Newport Rhode Island to catch Eddy's Shoe.

Scott Brown got a write up on the front page of the Metrowest Daily News.



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