08 August 1991  
14. Combat Action Ribbon  
a. Eligibility Requirements  

(1) Awarded to members of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard: (When the Coast Guard or
units thereof operate under the control of the Navy) in the grade of captain/colonel and junior
thereto, who have actively participated in ground or surface combat. Upon submission of evidence
to their commanding officer, personnel who earned the Combat Infantryman Badge or Combat
Medical Badge while a member of the U.S. Army may be authorized to wear the Combat Action

(2) The principal eligibility criterion is that the individual must have participated in a bona fide
ground or surface combat fire or action during which he was under enemy fire and his
performance while under fire was satisfactory. The following amplifying remarks are furnished as

(a) Personnel in riverine and coastal operations, assaults, patrols, sweeps, ambushes, convoys,
amphibious landings, and similar activities who have participated in fire fights are eligible.  
(b) Personnel assigned to areas subjected to sustained mortar, missile, and artillery attacks
actively participate in retaliatory or offensive actions are eligible.  
(c) Personnel in clandestine of special operations such as reconnaissance and SEAL teams are
eligible when the risk of enemy fire was great and was expected to be encountered.  
(d) Personnel aboard a ship are eligible when the safety of the ship and the crew were
endangered by enemy attack, such as a ship hit by a mine or a ship engaged by shore, surface,
air or sub-surface elements.  
(e) Personnel eligible for the award of the Purple Heart would not necessarily qualify for the
Combat Action Ribbon.  
(f) The Combat Action Ribbon will not be awarded to personnel for aerial combat since the
Strike/Flight Air Medal provides recognition for aerial combat exposure; however, a pilot or
crewmember forced to escape or evade after being forced down could be eligible for the award.