Thomas Mallery was killed in action in Korea March, 1953

By George D. Mitchell

We went to Natick H.S. together.We played sports together.We
hung together.We went to rival Prep schools after high school.He
showed up unexpectedly at my wedding.I thought he was out of
town,he was supposed to follow us to the reception but got
lost.Last time I saw him.I miss him. Tom was a great athlete, a great
friend, and a truly good person.   
John M. Nealon was killed in action in Vietnam December, 1967.

By Doug Paul

I new John well. I worked with him at Brewster’s Ice Cream stand
(across from Devitt’s Garage) as well as at Dowses, picking apples.
A quiet shy guy, he had a real great sense of humor and was one of
the hardest working kids that I knew. I was in the Navy, stationed in
Sanford Fla. at the time of his death. I do know some of the several
people that got together to dig his grave in the frozen December
ground in order to keep his brother, sister and parents from having
to relive the tragedy again when the ground thawed in the spring. I
have visited him at the “wall” and left a “dog Tag” in his name at a
Vietnam Veterans museum in Chicago. I have a rubbing of his name
from the “Wall” hung on my bedroom wall and I think of him often.

God Bless You John.   
Brooks Gruber died as an experimental pilot in 2000.

By Pastor Michael Turner

“We knew him to be an unusually dedicated husband, father,
Christian and Marine. The term ‘Great American’ is used a great
deal, but in Brooks’ case it was absolutely true.