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September 26, 2008

Sarah Palin

It is way beyond time to have a women in the White House, yet now that we are introducing the idea the opposition will start the games. Former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift is the lesson plan to look at, she was derided her entire time in office.

The financial crisis will have to entail banking structure reform, not devaluation of the dollar by paying everyone’s debts for them. President Bush told America it would need to get personal responsibility when he tightened the bankruptcy laws, now he intends to cause far more damage  than bankruptcy ever could have done.

The centralized banking system this country has used really for the last couple of decades needs to be decentralized. When the government decided that collateralized mortgage obligations would replace the 30 year long bond as mid term debt for institutions to park money it was an excellent way to deal with China’s over accumulation of our long term notes. When the president reinstated that note to its former status it was also time to decentralize the mortgage market.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are needed institutions in our society, but too much of anything is not good. The war has been a distraction to the point none of the candidates were talking until it was too late.

Sarah Palin is who I am voting for this fall, it is time.

September 19, 2008

Gettysburg and Iwo Jima

I went and took the guided tour of Gettysburg yesterday, it is not the first time I have done it, yet every time I do I learn something new.  I chose to go to the Marine Corps Memorial in Washington D.C. the day before and stopped at the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico after.

The recent events leading to the banking bailout has made me contemplative lately.

It is my opinion that this banking bailout is a large mistake, and is going to have ramifications that will effect this country for years to come. We can not afford to live high on the hog  anymore, war and hyper inflation have been the results. We need to get back to the fundamentals in this country. We now have taken the reckless approach of Wall Street’s Dot Com craze and transferred it to the average citizen.

Is it the end of this country? Not by a long shot, but it is the end of individual responsibility, and I am not so sure that  is what America needs.

September 11, 2008

Mitt Romney

Former Governor Mitt Romney announced yesterday that he woill not be accepting a position in the cabinet or the administration of the McCain-Palin team, he feels that he can do more from the sidelines. His current project is Free and Strong America.

This does not the mean that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not need to strengthen its Republican Party and seek to bring back the checks and balances of the two party system. This should be a the effort of all concerned citizens to see that our representative democracy be reinstated.

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