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October 31, 2008

Jeff Beatty

Well, it is getting towards time to go to the polls. If you live in Massachusetts you have a choice this time around and I hope people will exercise it. Jeff Beatty is running against John Kerry for the junior senate seat for the Commonwealth.

Jeff has lot of government experience and also has some fresh ideas on how to bring people and jobs back to the Bay State.

Please take a look at the debate he had with Senator Kerry.

October 28, 2008

Patrick Kennedy…the future of politics?

The other day someone accused me of being a misanthrope. I must admit I denied it and immediately looked it up because I had no idea what that meant. Well I can say it is safe to answer probably not.

America is going to have to accept that this will be the last major election cycle where every candidate is married. Lets not even touch the sexual preference issue yet. We have an entire generation on the coasts that just never bothered or is divorced with no intention to marry again.

Patrick Kennedy is a good example of this. He is open about his addiction problems and has decided not participate in matrimony. There could be a variety of reasons for that, but that is his business.

We assume that our political and industry leaders are supposed to lead a perfect family life, but is that really reasonable in this day and age. I say we enjoy the last of the old guards while we can, because the next round is going to have some surprises.

October 22, 2008

Bob Dole Syndrome

By Jeff Benitz

Delving into politics. One thing I will not do is vote for a Presidential candidate who is a full time government employee. When Sen. Bob Dole ran for President he resigned his position in the Senate saying he can not perform his job as senator if he is running for a different office. This bespoke sincerity. We lost a good statesman. He put everything on the line.

This cache of Presidential candidates has a few who are just playing games. Here is an insight you will not hear in the conventional media or with the Sunday morning television experts: fill your treasure chests with gold like pirates and risk nothing. This is what Senator Joe Biden did and Christopher Dodd. They walked away with lots of money for their next campaign for Senate and got name notoriety. They also showed loyalty to the party and the hopeful Hillary Clinton as supporters. This will pay off later, and there was no sincerity to their campaign--- they knew they were not Presidential candidates.

But to be more sinister, that was not all. The Clintons packed the candidates for the Iowa Caucus. What is obvious to me is that Joe Biden tried to hand his delegates to Hillary Clinton which the crowd, disruptively, gave to Barack Obama, much to Biden’s dismay. He was a plant and this was orchestrated ahead of time. Boy, were the Clintons furious. Biden’s usefulness was over. He knew it and had gotten what he wanted, money in his coffers. The next day Biden and Dodd quit the race. They had served their purpose (unsuccessfully) and shown their loyalty.

As an elected official and not a career politician, I have had a glimpse of the inner workings of dark hallways. As a DSOG swimmer I have not been afraid to rock the boat to the point of capsize because the ocean doesn’t frighten me. If it sounds cynical it’s because I am astonished at the amount of sleaze that goes on in politics. I thought if you have had advantages in society you should return some of that privilege. I have found for most in politics it is about destroying other rivals and a greed for power over others. To me it is about governing fairly, despite your feelings. I stand alone in the wilderness.

It’s all about alliances and patronage.

If you’re not willing to risk anything then you are not true.

This is the longest Presidential race in our history and we have three Senators who are supposed to be performing the functions of legislative government. If they can spend two years on the campaign trail, what are they doing for our governance? McCain, Clinton, and Obama have risked nothing and shown no patriotism to their office.

I don’t mind if a capitalist hedges his bets but if you work for government you are not in private capital…. it’s called service. Service for the country, not self-service. Every one of these candidates will stay in their same position. This is the same reason I lost all respect for Joe Lieberman when he ran for Vice-President, it was a joke and he knew it, and he dropped back into to the lowly position of Senator from Connecticut, exactly where he started. No worse for the wear.

It’s all about power and money…. with the frauds.

October 16, 2008

New England loses more talent. September 2006

New England Loses More Talent.

By Jeff Benitz.

John Kenneth Galbraith (economist) has just died (97
years).  I was acquainted with him at Harvard.  He was
a professor there.  I wasn't surprised that he died, I
was surprised he was still alive.  In the early 1990s,
he seemed like an artifact then.  I worked in a
library at Harvard and used to deal with him.  Dr.
Galbraith was one of many living legends.  He was an
architect of President Roosevelt's "New Deal" and
President Johnson's "Great Society".  I would pass him
in Old Harvard Yard where my office was in Cambridge,
MA.  He was vigorous for an old man. 

I didn't agree with his Keynesian influenced economic
view, however, he might have been the most influential
economist on U.S. policy in the 20th century.  With
President Reagan's "supply-side" economics Dr.
Galbraith fell out of favor.  I would argue his
approach influenced the European Union and its
approach to government participating in giving a leg
up to industry.  This opposed to the raw capitalism we
see in many industries of the U.S.  The notion that
government coordinates and legislates in a fashion to
work with subsidized industry with the cost of greater
taxes to the company but greater benefit, or more
complete social/economic justice to the classes of
society, who also participate in the process of such
development, is considered a liberal idea.  His book
"The Affluent Society" is worth a read if your liberal
or not. 

When I say liberal, it is an old school sort of
liberalism.  It is not the liberalism of John Locke
(or the Empiricists), that goes back too far.  It is a
WWII liberalism that when things got bad, and with the
evaporation of patriarchs with social responsibility
who captained industry, some thinkers moved to have
the government intervene.  This has been carried too
far in our time and gets abused, but then it was the
only answer to coordinate efforts/ prevent revolt in
the country.

Dr. Galbraith lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts most
of his life.  I have a friend who lived on Francis
Avenue, across the street from him.  He always gave a
pleasant, "Hello", when I passed him on the sidewalk.

October 14, 2008

The Wall

In America we have a wall that needs to be overcome.

John McCain has offered 51% of Americans an opportunity they never thought possible, and it came from the party of change, the Republicans. The party that freed the slaves under Lincoln and gave 16 million veterans the right of appeal under Reagan. Yet I am constantly told that it is an old boys club that will not listen.

Senator McCain has some needs to address. I am proud of his service and do not think I could have gone through what he did in Vietnam and you don’t get to many concessions like that from Marines. The average American knows about it but can not identify with it. All too often those of us are veterans like to think we are the only people who know sacrifice, and that is just not the case.

The unsung heroes of this society are the average women out there that work in the service sector, the waitresses and bartenders. They have no lobbying group out there for them, and the majority have no trade unions or association looking out on there behalf. The are free floaters in this society, and that is scary stuff. Some have advanced educations and family support and some do not.

This is the group John McCain has given a new form of hope they never imagined. But there has really been no attempt to court this crowd by the party. These women are what keeps this country going and they need to be told that. They know that he refers to them when he talks about health care but they do not see him. This must change.

Recently I was going through Queen Noor’s biography and glossed over as with most elite people in the world. Raised in connected family, Ivy Leage, blah, blah, blah. Then I saw it , and hit me like brick, she saw fit to mention she had been a waitress in Colorado in her youth. She now had credibility in my book, she learned politics the old fashioned way, one forced smile at a time.

The point is McCain and Palin need to get out there talk directly to this crowd. They don’t want them to be their chums, they want them to be their leaders. I have one little secret I learned years ago in the bar business, if  you have the women’s attention, you get the men’s real quick. The young voters deserve to be fawned over this time and not just the students. The invisible wall of the service sector needs to breeched.

Senator McCain…tear down that wall.

October 10, 2008

The Goals of Massachusetts

The goals of Massachusetts.

The following things need to be done in order to attempt a economic turn around of the Commonwealth.

1) Allowing the Indians on Cape Cod to open a casino. This would be based on the idea that they would have to contribute back to the local economy of the Cape and help prevent decay of the infrastructure there.

2)Realizing that the Legacy of John F. Kennedy was the National Association of Government Employees and not liberalism to the point of self destruction.

3) Complete judicial review to the abuse of the family that goes on up there in regards to restraining orders and custody of  children.

4) Copying Georgia’s economic free zones like Norcross and establishing  cheap and easy short term housing allowing domestic labor the opportunity to establish and grow.

5) The establishment of real estate investment trusts tied to municipal pension funds to improve decaying communities. In other words if you perform a government function in that community put your money where your mouth is. You can not serve a community and let it run into to ruin.

6) Getting with the private universities in the Commonwealth and negotiating a system where endowment money is used to seed local business. This could also tie in the real estate investment trust idea.

October 08, 2008

Matt Kibbe and the Economy?

The inevitable question of the economy was asked last night of the McCain and Obama. “Who should the next Treasury Secretary be?”

The clear cut choice for change would be Matt Kibbe president of FreedomWorks.org. His background and theories support reinstating more realistic principles to the American market place and the individuals that must use it.

But I want to add some more suggestions. There needs to be more focus on foreign capital that comes and goes in and out of this economy. This money does not belong to this country but is parked here for investment purposes. We need to start monitoring that so as to prevent the wild market swings we are seeing now.  All the internal economic policy in the world is not going to help us if we do not get some sort grasp as to how much we do not control.

Stabilization of housing prices was McCain’s number one priority and I agree with that. The issue really is in my opinion an issue of par value of property. Since interest rates and price are inverse, do we rise rates to prevent inflation of housing prices like Jimmy Carter did, or do we allow deposits of equity to circulate less by having capital tied up in equity. The problem with the latter is that it is all too often borrowed against. I saw on CNN yesterday a display that said wages and increase of home value were equal to the average American. This is dangerous.

Using property to replace a gold standard was great, but once everyone borrowed against it for consumer goods the benefits were wasted.

October 03, 2008

Ida Spivak

Sarah Palin was excellent last night.

It has recently come to my attention that there is a group of Russians in Florida that read my blog and site and are convinced I am the next Hitler. While I am flattered that there is a whole group out there thinking about me nothing could be further from the truth.

In order to be a member of the Nazi Party one had to prove no Jewish Blood back to the 1700s I believe. This would not be possible for me since I had a Great Grandmother on my moms side, Ida Spivak, that was a Jew from the Ukraine. I have never met that side of the family and am told they live in New Haven, Connecticut and New York City. This was revealed to me several years ago at my mothers funeral in Boston.

So now that that is out of the way I hope we can get back to the election.

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