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The Guard and Homeland Security

The need to combine the Department of Homeland Defense and the National Guard Bureau  is now more important than ever. When the War on Terror started in 2001 many quick measures were taken to ensure the security of America was done as quickly as possible. This lead to some hasty decisions that need rethinking.

The National Guard Bureau is the clear choice to take over the functions of homeland defense. The Guard is the oldest military formation in this country and is the best situated in the public eye to take on the security role that many in this nation truly do not understand. The Department of Homeland Security and United States Northern Command are performing the same function.

Law enforcement has become more organized in the last 30 years to the point it is now an armed force. That means it needs say in how operations are conducted, and this can be done by representation  of the National Guard. The Chief of the Guard Bureau needs to have a seat at the table for the Joint Chiefs of Staff so that this message can be spread and analyzed correctly.

This would not really affect the make up of the Guard because for anyone who has been in it knows many are already in law enforcement and public safety roles on the outside anyways. It is time to streamline the system, and using the Guard as part of defense planning is now more important than ever.


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