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Gulf War Syndrome

The syndrome was caused by soldiers' widespread exposure to pesticides and the drug pyridostigmine bromide, meant to protect against nerve gas, the panel suggests.  Low-level exposures to nerve agents, smoke from oil well fires, vaccines, and other neurotoxic agents may also have contributed.

That is an excerpt from the Novemeber 20, 2008 Chicago Tribune article on their blog.

Anyone that was over there realized something screwed up happened and those afflicted were neglected and abused by the Department of Veterans Affairs for over a decade. It is good news that we can finally get on with this and try to fix the damage.

I myself have run into problems over the years with the VA and federal law enforcement that only lead to further resolve to see the  truth get out. Patrick Eddington was really the leader of this charge and deserves the credit. His book Gassed in the Gulf was an inspiration to many and showed the personal courage he had in taking on the system to ensure the little man was not forgotten.

We now are seven years into this war, and lets hope nothing similar arise from this one.


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