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Eric Shinseki

Eric Shinseki has been chosen by the new administration to become Secretary of Veterans Affairs, what most people still call the Veterans Administration. He was a West Point graduate that was the Army Chief of Staff in his final assignment. He has a history of getting things done.

He will undoubtedly attempt to consolidate some facilities and that is way over due since the inception of the community outreach centers. He must always remember one thing, the Veterans Administration is the largest single purchaser of drugs in the world. He commands to power  negotiate price change as a result, and this must be the start of any health care reform in this country.

The abuses of the system that have occurred over the years in regards to housing homeless veterans are already in the process of being fixed, but the practice of using federal dollars to place patients in with released sex offenders must end immediately to restore credibility to the system. The system needs to repair its image to the public.

Cleaning house on staff is important, for too long the VA was used to place veterans in jobs as well. Recruitment of professional staff and seeing that affiliated institutions get with the program are needed now more than ever. Harvard Medical School is affiliated the Boston Regional VA, yet in ten years I never saw these people ever once. In other words stop using veterans as guinea pigs for new drugs.

The last is the issue I have been complaining about for several years now, that is making the issue of homeless veterans to the National Guard what Toys For Tots is to the Marine Corps Reserve.  Allowing CFC funds from drilling Guardsman to fill endowments for these facilities to ensure that they are not at the budgetary whims of politicians. Stop treating veterans like animals.


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