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Letter to Hillary Clinton

By Jeff Benitz 


Having traveled the oceans, I have seen different countries and different countrymen. Talk to them and you can get a true take on matters. Propaganda is big business. America limits its information just fine. This last speech by Senator Barack Obama is an example.

I could go on for a bit about the rote: education; free ride from government; prosperity; rubbish that politicians always use, but I won’t. One thread came out in that piece I will address. The fact is, I’m tired of this fantasy all public officials and Hollywood actors talk about--- the popularity of America and how it has been injured by this recent war.

America is a bag of dog food. With the exception of parts of Europe and Japan everyone else is a dog looking to be fed. I take this analogy from Anne Sexton’s poem. She said dog owners think the dog loves them but that in fact the dog sees its owner only as a bag of dog food.

Anyone who has traveled outside the USA knows this. Not those who were sailors pulling into port with a load of cash where the whores or bars were expecting them, not the American that goes on a golf vacation to a compound or resort, not the Americans on a SCUBA diving trip to an exotic warm destination, but those who have actually traveled.

In 40 years of travel I have found the greater world HATES America. I don’t know what numb-skulls think different. Go to Central or South America and speak Spanish to the locals. Go to other continents and speak German, distance yourself from American identity, and you will get the true opinion of America from abroad. If you don’t speak the language, lets say Portuguese in Brazil or a language in African countries, tell them you are Canadian. See how fast they talk about the stupid Americans.

A friend of mine backpacked across Africa in the 1970’s. He said at the time you would sew a miniature flag on your backpack for hitchhiking. He told me he put a Canadian flag on his backpack because if you had an American flag you would be murdered.

This whole notion that the Afghanistan and Iraq war has made the USA unpopular is a fiction. We are a bag of dog food and don’t forget it! The dog does not love.

If the rest of the world could have its way it would dispose of us as Bolsheviks disposed of Tsar Nicholas II.


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