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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

This is really the holiday of Yankee Tirade, so I thought I would numb you with some trivia first. Abraham Lincoln started Thanksgiving as a holiday in 1863, it was a jab at Virginia for leaving the Union.

I spoke with old friend Aaron Pratt today and that reminded me he had written something on the old blog a few years back.

Mayflower Connection:

It's very cool studying where you come from, my genes walked off a ship called The Sparrow, fought off starvation and killed a few Indians to ensure the survival of European gene pool in the US, this man was Phineous Pratt and his first hand narrative gives you a feel of how harsh it was back then for your ancestors and mine Chris: http://www.pilgrimhall.org/prattphineasnarrative.htm

Phineous was kind of an early paul revere, if he didn't run and warn the larger settlement of the indians plan to kill them all in their weakness the story might have turned out different and my family (and yours?) surely would not exist today.

The interesting thing is that there was so few of us who survived those early stages of settlement that you might find that we all are somehow related and if not genetically we were most likely friends and neighbors back then...well our genes were unless you believe in spirit. :)

Extremely interesting stuff Chris, history bored me in high school, guess I had to make the connection on my own, how about you? :)



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